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I too have been really baffled about the Star Trek references on Apple's front page. These are the possibilities that I think this leads to:

1. Simple Overhype - Radically redesigned new iMac, possibly Powermac, Yadda, Yadda, Yadda, some space reference in the new marketing ploy that tells everyone how the PPC G4 is still the fastest desktop in the world....

2. A new iPod-like device, as portable and easy to use, but wont be a PDA (The Jobs has spoken) and must be different enough not to piss off iPod owners like myself.

3. An add- on to the iPod. Surely, with the FW port, this is possible, to have either a still or DV cam addition, or even other things. This would greatly please iPod owners like myself.

4. A New concept computer, such as an iMac/iBook/Dock/iPad/iWalk, call it what you like, but seems tricky.

5. A new service, such as always on, ubiquitous wireless internet access via satelites. Hmmm.....

6. Porting Mac OS X to windows. I personally don't think that this will help Apple and so will not happen, but you have to be concerned when apple use "To boldly go" and "PC" in the same sentence.

7. Some type of Merger with a failing Tech company, leading to the release of any or all of the above.

8. This is the Oddball, but my Mum (Who is often painfully correct even on topics that she acknowledges she has no knowledge of whatsoever) suggested that the travel aspect of the Star Trek lines might indicate a car computer - iNavigate. Or could it be the iSegway?

Anyhow, we will all know soon, but not soon enough!



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    zozo Posts: 3,115member
    I think its to make people like us do exactly what we are doing now.. talk about Apple until our poor fingers fall off.

    This creates immense amounts of free advertising as other sites start reporting about 'weird messages' and 'hype'. The problem is, when other sites start getting interested, from Businessweek to CNN to Slashdot to The Register, etc... then you HAVE GOT TO PUT UP and deliver some thing(s) that really WILL blow everyone away.

    Just remember, Apple said that a "Revolutionary" thing was going to be announced a few months ago... and we got an iPod. I would never call the iPod revolutionary. Its a step forward and pretty unique (but not really)... so, I am keeping expectations pretty medium-low. The worst that can happen is that I get blown away by something really revolutionary... not an iWalk device.

    Anyway... its just marketing.
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    macsrgood4umacsrgood4u Posts: 3,007member
    I don't believe Apple ever used the word "revolutionary" to describe the iPod. The term in the press release was "a breakthrough device. And it's not a Mac". Revolutionary was bandied about by others.

    Also, why use the iPod in conjunction with a camera. Users don't need cables to an outside device to power their digital cameras.

    That's going backwards to the 70s. The iPod is a single standalone product. There will be others.
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    deestardeestar Posts: 105member
    Interesting, theses are my theories/predictions:


    1)iMac LCD and ibook G4 with quartz acceleration.

    2)PowerMac and PowerBook G5 with quartz acceleration.

    3)New device, PDA using the IBM G3 Sahara chip.

    4)Gigawire seems to be a wireless technology that may be used for all devices to talk with each other i.e. keyboard, mouse etc


    1)The G4 should become standard because OS X is optimised for G4. But the Quicksilver G4 and CRT iMac will be left as a budget options for a while.

    2)First 64bit consumer computer and laptop. No rumour site has said anything about a 64bit G5 version of the PowerBook. (Beyond the rumour sites, way beyond.)

    The long awaited Quartz acceleration will give the system a big boost. (Full speed ahead: Lust factor 10)

    3) Is the Sahara G3 not the CPU that was said to be a computer on a chip. That would be perfect for a small extremely powerful PDA that could possibly run a full version of OS X. It could use another IBM technology the 1Gb Microdisc hard drive for the operating system and some key apps.

    The iPod could act as a external hard drive and give extra storage and an incentive to buy both products.

    4) Apples blue tooth.
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    matsumatsu Posts: 6,558member
    [quote]Originally posted by iMacfan:


    2. A new iPod-like device, as portable and easy to use, but wont be a PDA (The Jobs has spoken) and must be different enough not to piss off iPod owners like myself.


    Uhh, dave

    Apple doesn't (and shouldn't) give a sh!t about pissing off current owners. You knew what you bought when you paid for it. (IF) Now they have something new and you want it, you can pay for that too. I'm getting so tired of the "Apple won't do this or that cause it'll piss off people who've just bought something" threads. Silly. Apple will release products when the products are ready. Live with it.
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    [quote]Originally posted by Matsu:

    <strong>Apple doesn't (and shouldn't) give a sh!t about pissing off current owners.</strong><hr></blockquote>

    I guarantee you that they do. While I agree with your sentiment completely, that really doesn't matter. What matters is that the majority of Mac users and people in general do not agree with your synopsis. If Apple keeps upgrading products constantly with leaps and bounds, you'll end up in a perpetual hold-off while people wait continuously for the next item off the line, thus resulting in them abstaining from purchases so long it becomes a problem for the company's bottom line. Already, Apple sees this problem around keynotes: I advise anyone who asks that it's a bad idea to buy (major) new Apple products in December and June due to MWSF and MWNY, respectively, because I know that many products are obsoleted the following month. This is why Apple has to dry their channels significantly beforehand, and why Apple usually wants to suppress hype.

    So while I agree with you in principle, most people wouldn't, and that's the problem.
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    matsumatsu Posts: 6,558member
    All technology tends to go in leaps and bounds. My three year old PC is positively ancient but it still works. A mac ages better, typically, so users shouldn't feel betrayed because the market has moved on. If advancements don't come at such a pace, then the mac is dead, pro's leave, developers leave, and platform is gone. No one wants that. Apple has to compete, and the competition moves fast.

    But this case is even stranger than that. Why should buyers of an MP3 player/HDD be upset about the later introduction of a PDA/organizer/tablet device??? If you wanted a PDA why the hell would you buy an MP3 player??? Clearly, a few of these geeks bought the device only because they had the cash and they wanted to buy 'something' Apple. That kind of brand presence is a good thing, and you only keep it buy continuing to hit homeruns. If Apple's line up is exactly the same as it is now in 12-18 months time, they'd be a dead company.

    No company does what Dave suggested, and they never will because in fact it is not neccessary to market success. The point is to sell stuff, and then to sell you new stuff as soon as possible. You can't do that buy sitting still.
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    One Word: IIvx.
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    philbotphilbot Posts: 240member
    I'd like to see an iFi

    A set of cool speakers and an amp which the iPod docks with to form a cool digital hifi.

    While docked the iPod is charged, can be remotely controlled etc.

    When you're ready to go just unplug and away you go.
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