Ipod Shuffle idea

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I posted this as part of a thread in the Mac OS under 5 things you would like to see in Leopard thread. Mods. please delete if you think this is inappropriate as its own thread.

I think this might deserve a bit more discussion on its own.

I wouldn't mind the ability to have the home on ipod or home on a usb drive. But, what if Apple added a fingerprint reader.

This way I could have my history/bookmarks/mail prefs, etc on a drive that I could use to swap between macs. I know that there were rumors of an implementation of the home on ipod way back and that didn't materialize. Think of the possibilities

It would ad another level of personal data security.

Couple it with a password and the updated shuffle.

Something like this, but with a larger capacity.

There is probably even room for the fingerprint reader.


Hopefully, this wasn't too inarticulate, I need more coffee.
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