iTunes 6.0.4 - why so buggy?

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I really dislike iTunes (mac version) because its so buggy syncing with both of my iPods. I've noticed this with multiple machines and installations of OS X (panther, tiger, etc). Why can't they get this thing to sync right every time?

example, right now my iPod video (latest firmware) is blinking Do Not Disconnect. Doesn't show connected in iTunes. Previously the iPod was showing in iTunes but was happily showing the menu in the dock, ready for disconnect. This thing doesn't ever seem to be syncing right. It usually takes me unplugging and forcing quit iTunes to get both stopped and start over.

Yes, I've done this with and without the dock, with and without a USB hub, same thing.

Any tips? I mean, c'mon this thing is version 6! What's with the crappy sync?


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    lundylundy Posts: 4,466member
    Mine works fine.

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    lupalupa Posts: 202member
    Have you tried doing a fresh install of the ipod's software?
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    mimacmimac Posts: 871member
    I've also found iTunes 6.0.4 very buggy. Slow and sometimes freezes. i'm also getting beachballing whenever iTunes connects to Gracenote CDDB. Scrolling through the library is also slow and jerky. Volume alters itself when importing CDs or connecting to internet. Other small annoying bugs.

    Things were fine with previous versions \ This version is a bit of a mess IMHO.
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