can i use airport express base station as wired connection?

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i am trying to use my airport express base station to plug in my xbox so i dont need to run a cord acorss the house. does the ethernet port on the base station send info both ways. in other words can i use it as a wired connection instead of wireless??


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    from a router that isnt an airport extreme, because ive read online how to do that for an extreme but im going from a linksys router.
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    icfireballicfireball Posts: 2,594member
    The Airport Extremes have both IN and OUT ports. (WAN and LAN).

    But you can also get some cheap as hell d-link routers. I got a wireless one on rebate for $9.99. Chaching!$!$!$!$!

    Peace out dawg.
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    to clear myself up... i already have a wireless router but i want the express to capture that signal and then allow me to give that signal to my xbox via the ethernet port on my xbox and express. but i cant configure the express to duplicate the signal of a router other than an extreme which is what im trying to do and wondering if its even possible.
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    You should be able to do what you want.
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    Yes you can, I do. I have an airport extreme and two airport expresses. I have one of the Airport expresses plugged into a switch that my 360 is plugged into.

    The network port on it is auto-sensing, it knows if you a plugging in a modem (or an crossover device) and connecting a local node.

    There is no configuration. Just make sure NAT / DHCP is turned off the express.
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