Podcasts sync to multiple pods ?

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ok, i have 1 imacG5...and 2 ipods.

1. a 4th gen. 20g [non-video]

2. a mini [pink, as if you needed to know that, other than to tell you that it is my wifes pod]

now here is the problem, i have subscribed to several podcasts, and i would like them to automatically update to my pod during "update"

this works fine for me...but...they also update to my wife's mini.

now hers is set to update her playlist, and mine is set to update my playlists. and i also set my podcast to automatically update, which then also set her pod for the same.

I am sure there is some simple explanation that i am just overlooking, but could someone plase assist me with being able to automatically update my podcasts only to my ipod, and not her minipod.

i do have podcast enabled on my ipod, and disabled on her mini [but that only really takes them out of the main menu only, they are still there]

what setting in itunes am i missing?


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    cosmonutcosmonut Posts: 4,872member
    In iTunes' preferences, have her mini plugged in and click the iPod tab. Once there, select "Podcasts" and disable transferring them to her mini. Done.
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