Joining a wireless network through an Airport Express...?

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
I have a question..

Is it possible to join a wifi network through an Airport Express? I have a network setup, and would like to join it with a G4 PM. I was hoping I could simply run an ethernet cable from the Airport Express, to the ethernet port on the PM. I was hoping the Airport Express would join the network, and by extension, the PM, as long as it was within range, of course. Anyway, apparently not, unless I've done something incorrect. My current wireless network is with a Belkin wireless Pre-N router (Which works fine with everything else wifi-able). When I made this attempt, I saw no sign of my wifi network being detected by the Airport Express.

One more thing.. Are there any of those usb wifi devices that will work with the Mac?

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Apparently what I am trying to do is use the Airport Express as a bridge to a non-Apple base station. I've been researching, and I believe it's possible. Have read of success with a Belkin router, just not a Pre-N one. Wish me luck!


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