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I remember the original Meta Creations Carrara and I think a friend of mine had it, but it was pretty long in the tooth so of course wouldn't work in OS X. Well today I just noticed that there is a new Mac OS X ready version called Carrara Studio 2. Seems like a good program which I might get. Looks as though you can even do CAD drawings on it.

Here's the link:

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    dignandignan Posts: 10member
    I have infini-d 4.5 and still use it in classic mode. I also have Carrara 1.1 but find it buggy. Should I upgrade to Carrara Studio 2. I really like the way infini-d works its just so slow and old. what are some other options for simple and cheap 3d mac programs
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    the only other "cheap" 3d app that i can think of that is worth a squat is strata 3dpro. i used it back in 2.x days. was a great app once upon a time. simple and had one of the best raytracer rendering engines around. to bad they haven't really done much with app in over 5 years.
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    1bgmnk1bgmnk Posts: 26member
    If you're a student you can get an education subscription to Autodessys's Form-z for around $150. No object animation, only view/camera, as of yet. But weel worth takling a look into. Also Pixels 3d looks pretty good for a "cheap" 3d package, I really like cinema 4d, lightwave and electric image, which you could get the older version at dvgarage for $199 in the 3d toolbox package.

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    leonisleonis Posts: 3,427member
    I first used Infini-D and RayDream and then "tried" Carrara.

    What I don't like about these apps is that when you are creating a new object you are jumped into another environment. Which is a nightmere when you are building a scene with thousands of objects. You can't really see the relationship between the object you are working on and to the others until you jump out. If you find an error you will have to jump back in. Very counter productive. Not to mention sloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow

    Strata 3D is the only (not too sure...but at least for Mac) one at this price range that supports the "work everything in one single environment" philosphy. But Strata so far has NO OS X native apps available.

    Strata used to be good but after the Studio Pro 2.5 fiasco (ultra buggy and slow) a lot of people just went to other apps.

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    I've been using Cararra 2 since it came out in Mac OS X, and I have only one complaint- crash, crash, crash, cra... oh sorry, carried away there. You have to save every couple of minutes with this program, because seemingly simple things, like rotating something 90 degrees, can crash it. If they could fix that, it would be an excellent program. I'm right at home because I used to use Ray Dream, it's fast, nice texture controls, and uses both my processors when ray tracing. Wait for version 2.0.1 to fix the crashes, and you have a winner.

    There are no other inexpensive Mac OS X 3D programs, sadly, which is why I jumped on this one. (I had been waiting for hash to update Animation Master, but so long, you lost my $$$$)

    I don't know about not being able to function in the different modes, I mean, there is a preview window there that shows the scene.

    Oh, and why they don't use real windows and such annoys me, because then I can't use my second monitor with this program.

    I'm quite happy with it, just wish it wouldn't crash so darn much.
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