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Let me give you a quick introduction. I have been assigned to research a famous lawsuit that is currently taken place, or has taken place recently. Seeing as the Apple vs. Eminem was settled less than a year ago, it's fair game.

Now, I am trying to find a copy of the Lose Yourself ad that has sparked the lawsuit. You would not believe how difficult it has been for me. How is it that one of the most popular ads in the Apple/iTunes world is the hardest to find?

The reason may be because of the new eminem ad, that's what most of my hits turn up.

I also seem to recall a young boy singing with his iPod to 'Real Slim Shady.' Is this a lapse in my memory, or was that a commercial as well? If it is a commercial, that would also be a great visual aid.

Thank you in advance for all of your help.




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    curiousuburbcuriousuburb Posts: 3,325member
    Last part first...

    Yes, during the 'Music' series in the 'switch' era of mid 2003, there was a young kid covering an Eminem track and a cover of Sir Mix-a-lot... both of which were subsequently pulled from Apple's site.

    And Yes... IIRC, "Mr. Slim Shady" sued.

    As for the Lugz ad/Eminem iTunes controversy and sources... Google is your friend
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    Google is my problem right now.

    I'm looking to download the original ad, and it appears that nobody has it. I found original court documents, but no commercial.

    I've even looked on macTV and downloaded a few P2P programs in my search, nothing shows up.

    But hey, that's what back up plans are for. If I cannot find what I'm looking for, there's always my presentation on computer viruses. I even have my speach planned...

    "Computer viruses,

    They're dangerous,

    Buy a Mac,

    Problem solved."
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    rongoldrongold Posts: 302member
    If this is it, I would also try using "Jacob", "iTMS" and maybe "AppleMusic" in your search.

    Good luck.
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