LCD Backlight Failed

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One of the backlights in my 20" Cinema Display failed. It happened all of a sudden while using the computer and now the top half of the screen is considerably darker than the bottom half. The power light is blinking to tell me what's up. Apple Support Document

Lucky for me the unit is under AppleCare, all purchased together along with my G5 tower. But what a pain. I have to ship it out and deal with getting my AppleCare activated as I didn't do it yet.

I guess my big question is should I do it all over the phone or should I trek to an Apple retail store. Normally I'd like the in-person service, but I think all they'd do is diagnose the problem and then ship it out, so why not save a step and ship it from home.

This is the first service issue I've had to personally deal with (aside from iPod stuff). Is my thinking correct, or if I take it to the store will I somehow get better service?


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    Called up Apple Support and while they were pretty helpful, there's a number of hoops I have to jump through before I can get my Display repaired.

    I ordered AppleCare with my G5 & Display, however I never registered it. So I get to fax a bunch of junk to some special support # and then 5 bus. days later they should activate my AppleCare. At that time I can get the display repaired for free, probably by doing the shipping route. It sounds like Cinema Display backlights are not something they can repair onsite at Apple Retail Stores.

    So, tonight I begin this adventure. I'm lucky that this happened while my system is still covered by AppleCare and that the screen still works, although at half brightness. If I was a graphic designer it would be a real issue, but as a programmer I can get by for a week I suppose.

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