Internal Hard Drive Upgrade

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I recently bought a ppc g5 quad and only put 250gb of hard drive space. I thought this would be enough, but then I realized that I need more space. A lot more space, but just 70 gigs or something, but a couple hundred more. So I'm gonna buy an internal and just shove it in there. Apple doesn't endorse any on thier website, and I don't want to cough up for a hard disk if its not gonna work. Does anyone have any experience with adding Hard Drive Disks to thier computers? Any recommended brands. I use all maxtors on my Linux boxes and like them a lot. I know they should just work, put them in, format them, done. But I just want to double check before i drop a couple hundred.


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    lundylundy Posts: 4,466member
    It's a piece of cake.

    Slide it in, attach the cables that are right there, and go.

    There is a video at , but who needs it?

    It should be about $100-$120 after rebate for a Maxtor 250. Maybe less if you find a deal.

    Take a look at if you need a starting place. I had to return a drive there once and it was no hassle at all.
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    jeffdmjeffdm Posts: 12,949member
    All you need is a standard desktop internal SATA drive. Apple doesn't need to endorse any brand, but they generally seem to ship with Maxtor and Seagate drives in the past two years. Your system's manual has instructions on how to install them, but it's easy to figure out if you pay attention. and you've added drives to computers before.
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    Its not that i don't know how to do it, I was just sort of wierded out because apple will sell you almost any thing for you computer, except for a Hard Drive, just wanted to make sure. thanks.
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    super easy to do. i have 1Tb in my computer.
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    andersanders Posts: 6,523member

    Originally posted by lundy

    There is a video at , but who needs it?

    Apparently it so simple they screwed it up on the video
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    lundylundy Posts: 4,466member

    Originally posted by Anders

    Apparently it so simple they screwed it up on the video

    True -- I made the same mistake, even though I had seen the addendum to the video.

    The videos for the iPod mini and Cube upgrades are great.
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    Takes five minutes once your computer is unplugged. Just pick up a SATA drive (make sure it comes with four screws) and slide it in, connect it. Done. Use disk utility to get it going and you will be good to go.
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