XP pre SP2 works in Parallels. . .

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You can use your original XP CD if you use Parallels Work Station vs. Boot-camp and can stay in MAC OS X while running Windows. Just make sure that you run all the updates after it is installed including SP2 which will take a while to load. I have been using Parallels for 2 weeks now and since beta 4 has become very stable. It runs Windows better than my Windows boxes. So now 100 percent Mac.

The only kicker is that Internet Explorer is so much faster than Safari it is not even funny. Others here seem to have Safari installs that are as fast, but not on my system. 3 to 5 times slower than IE loading websites. Safari is fast once the main site is loaded.

Programs I've tested:

Photoshop CS (7.0)

CorelDRAW 12

Snagit 7.2 (screen capture not as good a Snapz Pro)

Clipmate 7.0 (great clipboard enhancement program.)

Office 2003 (with all patches added.)

Total Commander 6.54 (File Management)

AutoCAD 2004 from a trial CD (and seems to work just fine)

Adobe Acrobat professional 6.0

Thumbsplus 7.0 (Great program for cataloging you picture collections.)

Zone Alarm 6.X (firewall program)

McAfee (antivirus latest version)

Window Messenger

Top Producer 7.i (Real Estate contact manger IE only web app.)

Paragon MLS (Real Estate MLS IE only app.)

Windows Media Player 10.0

Hawking Technologies network print server (network printing)

Windows Quicktime 7.x (test some movie trailers, sound and motion a tad off)

USB not working yet but coming soon.

If you need to play games, than Parallels won't be a good choice. But if your doing just normal run of the mill Windows stuff, it does a very good job.



Good luck!



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    guarthoguartho Posts: 1,208member
    By no USB support does that mean my keyboard and mouse wouldn't work on a desktop Mac or does that just mean my printer won't work?
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    aquaticaquatic Posts: 5,602member
    Is there ANYthing that doesn't work, or even has a hint of not working, in either Windows or Office, that might be an actual problem? We should start a list of stuff that doesn't work. Because from what I read, it's better than VPC even, in that almost works.
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