About to order new video ipod...

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Hey all.

Thanks for all the advice on this board. Its been about 2 weeks since my old ipod photo was stolen.

I'm about to pull the trigger on a new 60 gig video ipod right now. In fact I have the online order form from apple up. Still don't know if I want the Blk or Wht one.

Anyway...The plan is to order it now in time for my trip to Brazil. I won't open it until the day I leave. If for some reason a new one comes out before I go...then I'll return it.

BUT...I have a silly question. If I get it "engraved" I can't return it I would imagine right? Lol...I know stupid question. Ok...never mind.

Personally I don't care about waiting for the "true" video ipod anymore. BUT...rumors of a possible 80 gig update had me intrigued. Anyone else hear about that?

Peace. :-)


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    reganregan Posts: 474member
    Done. Ordered the white 60 gig video ipod.

    I know with my luck on ordering apple products(i had bought the G5 imac and a few weeks later the intel ones came out and when I got my 60 gig photo ipod, a couple of weeks later the video ones came out).....that now that I've placed my order...apple will update the ipods in a few weeks.

    But I am happy.

    No matter what Apple comes out with....I got what I need. :-)
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    ipodandimacipodandimac Posts: 3,273member

    Originally posted by regan

    No matter what Apple comes out with....I got what I need. :-)

    If everyone else had that mentality, the world would be a fantastic place.
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    reganregan Posts: 474member
    Lol...yes. <visions of people clutching their apple products as they skip in slow motion through a flower filled meadow>

    The reality is, that I'm just like everyone else. But I've resolved myself to the fact that no matter what I do...apple will no doubt come out with the new ipod one day after the last day that I could have traded mine in. <sigh>

    I am going to wait for the intel ibook however. I can hold onto my old G3 alittle longer. :-)

    Man...can't wait to load up my 3,000 songs onto my new ipod and crank up the volume again!

    heh heh heh
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