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DRM is necessary to ensure continued content on iTunes from record labels, but I am tired of Apple's policy on licesing its DRM software to other hardware vendors. Am I the only one who thinks that Apple's policy of maximising iPod sales (which is understandable), is working against consumer choice and interests?

I do not use an iPod at the moment for video or for music; currently I use an iPaq 4700 Pocket PC, sice it fulfills more of my requirements, and is also capable of playing far superior video (recorded from my Elgato box). BUT, I am in a situation where I cannot purchase music from iTunes since it will not run on my mobile device, and also cannot purchase from other online vendors, since it will not play on my Mac.

This DRM situation should be resolved, since consumers like me are being left high-and-dry.

Microsoft are just as guilty as Apple with their licencing of Windows Media 10 DRM. I live in the UK and subscribe to SKY TV, which has just launched a broadband service with which users can download content to play on their Windows-only PCs, and eventually mobile devices.

Microsoft withdrew support for Windows Media on the Mac at release 9 for the simple reason that it wanted all future DRM controlled media services to be locked to a Microsoft PC. This is wrong - I use a Mac, but also want to use the Sky by Broadband service.

As a small community, Mac users have the most to lose here, since DRM locked video services seem to be moving towards the Windows Media side (Sky, and probably BBC here in the UK), which could leave us Mac users stranded, unable to play content.

I am loyal to the Mac platform, but will not support Apple in its policies, and then criticise Microsoft for a similair policy.

Virtualisation and Boot Camp are not a solution for me. Virtual PC is too slow to run WM10, and I just purchased a Dual Core Powermac in November, so I do not plan to move to Intel for 3 years at least.

Rant over...


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    Originally posted by mattcl

    DRM ... is working against consumer choice and interests.

    There you have it. DRM in its very nature is an anti-customer and restrictive technology.

    The hellborn sadistic lovechild of Greed and Power.
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