MacBook Pro Shutting down randomly

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Has anybody else had issues with the MBP turning off at random times?

It happens sometime when I'm using it and its unplugged or plugged in. It will also sometimes do it if I leave it on over night. I'll wake up and it will be off. And when it does it the first time, I have to wait quite a while before it will let me turn it on again.

To me, this seems like an over heating issue, but none of the stuff I have read online talks about this. Its all just people bitching because their F-key is hot or something. I don't care about that, laptops run hot, but this shutting off without warning is killing me.

I had it in for service once, and I don't think they did anything. They just replaced my faulty latch with another even more faulty latch. Its going in again tomorrow. I hope they do something about it this time.

Anybody else with this problem?


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    Sounds like your battery gets unloaded, and then the computer shuts down. If this happens when the computer is connected through an AC adapter, there might be a glitch somewhere (power connector, wall outlet, faulty adapter, etc etc.)

    Download and install UnPlugged, it alerts you whenever the power adapter gets unplugged. It won't solve the problem, but it will let you troubleshoot.
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    Also, check out Something about a manufacturing issue-- paste of some sort...
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    Originally posted by ricksbrain

    Also, check out Something about a manufacturing issue-- paste of some sort...

    Ouch! I certainly hope that's NOT your problem...
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