Best wifi solution for a G4 PowerMac?

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I am trying to get a G4 PMac on a wifi network (Belkin Pre-N wireless base router). Unfortunately the Belkin Pre-N desktop card is not available for Mac. I've read of a third party wireless network adapter, a couple usb devices, etc. Apparently one of the few USB devices I've found gets too hot, apparently..?

I considered buying an Airport card from ebay, or one of the similar products..

Thanks for any suggestions!


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    i would go with the airport card if you mac is airport ready.

    Or else you could just by a second router and configure it to share internet via ethernet to your G4
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    lotharsnllotharsnl Posts: 113member
    Thank you. I've wondered if that is the way I should go. It seems a lot of money to spend on such an old piece of equipment. I was hoping one of Belkins usb wifi adapters might work (W/Macs), but I've yet to confirm that any of them do. I am probably going to buy the cheapest usb adapter that will work until the new Apple wifi products come out.
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