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A promo commerical running on TechTV brings up OS X for intel, the iMac, the G5, plus a top secret "Home entertainment device"

Coverage starts at 12:00 eastern


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    david rdavid r Posts: 135member
    Why would TechTV, who for what I hear hardly gives Apple the time of day in their programming, be the only ones who know the contents of Steve's super secret keynote?

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    david rdavid r Posts: 135member
    From this page:

    <a href=",24195,3366723,00.html"; target="_blank">,24195,3366723,00.html</a>;

    "And speaking of OS X: Will it run on an Intel-based server? That's another rumor -- one that industry experts say might be legitimate."

    They are just talking rumors, like we are. And I think we all pretty much agreed that OS X for Intel may be Apple's kiss of death.
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    Apple will not allow OS X to be run on Intel hardware. Just really stupid business-wise.
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    nav3nav3 Posts: 34member
    To tell you the truth, TechTV knows just about as much as we do. The most research they do is from Rumor sites. The other day their Tech Live was talking about how apple may show the new iWalk (showing spymac's page). I wouldnt listen to a word they say.
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    bungebunge Posts: 7,329member
    WIth the jump to XP not going over so well, might people be encouraged to jump to OS X instead? Or, if you want an iPod, just install this new OS instead....

    Personally, I still think that if Apple were to ever do it, it would still only run in their own hardware, just with an x86 compatible chip. Either that or only the server version would run on a severely crippled list of server hardware.
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    or we get MacOS X running on intel hardware... but Apple's Intel (or AMD) hardware....

    the OS won't install in a self-made PC..

    PowerMac Athlon 2000 +

    running MacOS X 10.2
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    david rdavid r Posts: 135member
    Maybe Apple could release a "Mac compatibility card" which a PPC chip, kind of like they have those PC cards for the Mac.

    This would let people get a good taste of the Mac, use the software, etc, etc, they wouldn't be as fast as a real Mac and hopefully get those customers to buy a Mac as their next computer.
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    In all fairness to TechTV, they provide the 95% of PC users the info they can use. On the show "Screen Savers" each night they also give a Mac tip from host Brent Larson usually. Both he and Leo Laporte are very Mac positive. They recently interviewed Woz . It isn't their fault that Apple only owns 5% of the market. They have showed the last few Keynote speeches too. So chill out, tune in on Monday and see what Apple has to offer.
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    I believe it is Brent Larson who will be covering it this time. Who did it last time?
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