POS P.C. can;t see network printer

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
OK, we have a network of macs, and one P.C. They are all connected to a D-link DSS-16+ router. Connected to the router is a Lexmark E332N. All the macs can see the printer no problem, and the P.C. could when I first set it up, but has lost the connection, and I can't get it back up. I have tried turning on printer sharing on a few macs, but the P.C. still can;t see it. On the P.C. i;ve gone to control panel>printer&faxes>add printer>browse network - but can;t see the printer.

If someone could lead me in the right direction so we don\\'t have to drop a small fortune to get someone in here to set it up that would be great.


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    Hey - everything is ok now - Lexmark tech support talked me through installing a new printer port and it;s all working now
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