WAKING LIFE, Bob Sabiston, rotoscoping mini DV

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Watching the supplements on the new WAKING LIFE DVD, I noticed Bob Sabiston using a G4 (with a Pro Mouse, but a non-Pro keyboard!) to "draw over" mini-DV footage that had been edited in FCP. This was how they "rotoscoped" the mini DV footage and created the animated film WAKING LIFE.

Sabiston wrote the software himself (it was running on OS 9 because OS X wasn't out at the time) - and I wondered if Sabiston is working with anyone to get this software "out there"?

It really looked like excellent software, and I want it!


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    Regarding the keyboard, he probably was using something liuke this to make remembering keyboard shortcuts easier to remember:

    <a href="http://www.logickeyboard.com"; target="_blank">www.logickeyboard.com</a> actually has kits that you can use to convert your Apple Pro into a Final Cut Pro keyboard.

    As for the custom rotoscoping software, whatever it is, I want it too!
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    ibrowseibrowse Posts: 1,749member
    I really wanted to see that movie when it first opened, but I missed it. I'm probably going to order the DVD soon, on the DVD, does it show how they made the movie?
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    StarfleetX -- The keyboard Sabiston was demonstrating his software on was merely the pre-Pro "hockey puck era" black-keyed Apple keyboard.

    Thanks for the link! That looks really useful!


    iBrowse - re: the DVD, there's a 20 minute "tutorial" with Bob Sabiston as he quickly covers the basics of how they did it, and there's a bunch of shorts, and other stuff - including the original (rubbish looking!) unanimated mini DV footage that they used to make the finished product.


    Does anyone know more about Sabiston's software? Apple could do a deal and have a stellar "iAnimate" app. (for want of a better name!)

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