iMac Intel noisy - help.

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I've had my Intel iMac for about a month now and been loving it, especially how quiet it was, until yesterday. Before I couldn't hear any noise from it except when it was burning cds/dvds, now there's a constant humming which seems to be coming from the bottom (chin) area (fans?). It's not at all loud. Is this normal, and I just didn't notice it before?

The only thing I've changed recently is install the keyboard update. Seems strang,e as it is constant from the moment I boot up to shut down, even when I don't have any apps running and the back is cold to touch. The back used to get warm but I never noticed the fans (humming).

Please, any advice would be great.



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    I've been shopping for a laptop, and really wanting a MacBook pro. But, there seem to be some issues with them.

    Many users, I've read, are reporting *after* the Keyboard Update, they get the "whine" which was (previous to keyboard update) fixed using various hacks or tricks. Here's a little snippet of text from Apple's support forums:

    > I was using the PhotoBooth "fix" to kill the horrible

    > whine, whereas I would launch Photo Booth, click on a

    > thumbnail and then quit the application and the whine

    > was gone. Well, after installing the keyboard update

    > 1.0 released today, quitting PhotoBooth means the

    > whine is back...

    Found a fix, if you have a backup:

    The installer replaces the /System/Library/Extensions/IOUSBFamily.kext extension; I replaced that package by hand with the old one, repaired permissions (essential step, if you copy the system file by hand like I did), and voila! Everything back the way it was, with a whine I can control.

    From a post on

    yeah, I know, this isn't about the iMac...but, sounds similar to your situation.
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    I noticed the same thing after the 10.4.6 update. I'm sure they'll correct it someday.
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