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This is probably a really simple question but i was wondering if anyone on here could help.

I want to share files between my Mac and my brothers Windows pc. I've created an account on my Mac with the same username and password as his Windows system and have granted access to my share in the sharing control panel.

I can view my Mac from his Windows pc, but it only lets me look inside folders that i've created myself, not any folders that the system has created, obviously this is a good thing but i can't access my music or movies folders across the network.

The other thing i'm having trouble with is letting my brother create a directory or copy files to the folders he can actually access. It's read only at the moment.

Am i right in guessing that it's the file permissions that need to be changed? If so, what on earth do i change them to without compromising security?



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    The Sharing panel on OS X only grants access to public folders like the Shared folder.

    There are various ways to enhance this

    - use OS X Server (overkill for most)

    - get SharePoints from VersionTracker

    - manually jack with the permissions (not recommended unless you are a Unix guy)

    - put all the stuff that you want shared in the Shared folder (not workable for most)

    I pick SharePoints.
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