Plugin to trick sites into thinking Firefox or Safari are IE?

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I wanna switch my parents to Mac but my Mom is a real estate agent and the primary real estate site she uses seems to only work in Internet Explorer according to it's message when viewed on my mac:

"Your current browser is not compatible with Stratus MLS.

Stratus requires Microsoft Internet Explorer

version 5.5 or later for Microsoft Windows"

Is there a plugin somewhere for Firefox or Safari to get internet explorer only sites to work on a mac?

I don't want my parents to be stuck in wondows land because I'm sick to death of being their tech support everytime something goes wrong, which for me is way too often.


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    outsideroutsider Posts: 6,008member
    I would try Safari Enhancer to open up the debug menu. That will allow Safari to masquerade as IE for windows. However, if the site uses ActiveX controls, then you are still out of luck.
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    ebbyebby Posts: 3,110member
    For Firefox: Type about:config in the address bar


    Preference name: general.useragent.override

    String value: Choose one here

    EDIT: Looks vBulletin adds a space in "about:config". You don't want that.
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    MarvinMarvin Posts: 14,228moderator
    Convince them to get an Intel Mac. Then you can run IE under parallels.
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    darth_appledarth_apple Posts: 199member
    Well I use an extension for Firefox (for my GFs Dell) thats called IE Tab and it works great.

    Heres the link to the site with all the info you need

    I hope this helps!
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