Wireless Internet access to my PC via my Mac

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I changed my wireless network configuration and now I can?t access the Internet wirelessly from my laptop (running XP-Pro).

Here is what I used to have set up ? and it worked well enough:

DSL modem connected to an Airport Express. Our Mini (PowerPC w/ Airport Extreme card) picked up the signal nicely and my wife was able to surf the Internet no problem. I was also able to access the Internet wirelessly from my work laptop after typing in the wireless key (only had to do that once). Through that setup I was also able to broadcast iTunes from my laptop to a speaker system that was connected to another Airport Express, however I was never able to print to our printer that was connected to one of the Airport Expresses.

Here is my current situation ? and it?s not quite working well enough:

DSL modem connected directly to the Mini. My wife is still able to surf the Internet no problem. I, however, am not able to access the Internet from my laptop anymore. My laptop connects to the wireless network (I can ?see? the two Airport Expresses in iTunes) but I have no Internet access on the laptop anymore.

I?ve tried messing around with the Mini and my laptop but to no avail.

Ultimately, I?d like to have wireless Internet access on my laptop via the Mini and be able to print, but at this point I?ll settle for Internet access.

Any suggestions?

Also, if this topic has been dealt with in another forum or topic, please point me to it so as to not waste anyone?s time. I?ve searched around and see where folks want to access the Internet from their Mac via a PC but not the reverse ? like I want to do.



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    If your DSL is connected directly to the mini, you have to enable 'internet sharing' on the mini.

    just open system prefs and go Sharing>>Internet (tab) and choose ethernet/usb (however your modem conects) as the 'Share your conection from' option and as the 'To computer using...' option select airport.

    There is no point conecting to the express if your dsl is plugged into the mini.

    As for printing, conect the printer to the mini and in Sharing, check printer sharing. This will allow you to print wirelessly to the printer over wireless


    Edit: added info about printing
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