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So, I got my son an Oregon Scientific DS6310 Digicam for his 9th bday. Well, although they say it is compatible with Macs, the dang thing needs something for it to work properly. The camera will show up on iPhoto5 (and as a disc on the desktop) and try to download, but nothing appears and iphoto doesn't have aclue. iPhoto6 does not even see the camera (but the camera again shows up on the desktop as a mounted disc. The files in the mounted disc are .raw (!) files that iphoto 5 & 6 can't read and OS X 10.4.6 thinks that they are certificates and opens keychain manager.

But here's the funny part Graphic Converter will let me import the .raw files from the mounted disc and on my son's dalmation iMac will even detect the camera and download the pix and let me play with them (eMac will not and both have 10.4.6. Does anyone have any suggestions (mabe a unix hack?) Unfortunately, I did not check the Apple website to discover no Oregon scientific cameras are listed as compatible with iPhoto.

Also, GC has a lightbox feature I was unaware of and again goes above and beyond for such a reasonably priced app!!!!

Kudos to LempkeSoft


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    That's probably the funniest computer problem I've heard all year!

    Anyways, I'm guessing these are CameraRAW files and not JPEGS. iPhoto can't handle RAW files, so check your camera and tell it to save as JPEG. That way iPhoto can use them. EDIT: (I couldn't see any way to do this in your manual.)

    To change a .raw file to open with another application, right click on the icon and get info. Under Open With: choose the program you want to use and click change all.
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