Apple Computer beats the Beatles...

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The ruling is certainly good news for Apple, and its shareholders, and perhaps even The Beatles, who would have come out smelling pretty greedy to the millions of music fans who patronize the iTunes Music Store had they won their (IMO) overreaching lawsuit...


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    gsxrboygsxrboy Posts: 565member
    Gosh, hasnt Apple had a nice little run recently

    Lets hope it continues !
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    bergermeisterbergermeister Posts: 6,784member
    Just saw CNN about this... Yeah!

    Miles O'Brien said he had a funny image of the judge (barrister?) wearing his white wig with his white earbuds plugged into his iPod... The judge was very tech savvy, and supposedly was on the Corps'case from the beginning.

    Great publicity for Apple Computer: breaking news during the morning wakeup in the USA, especially if the Macbook comes out Tuesday!

    Shouldn't this be under iPod and iTunes?
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