Can I use iweb for blogging in

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1-Can I use iweb for blogging in

2-Can I transfer my existing blog in with all the details (dates and time) to .Mac?



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    tofachinotofachino Posts: 69member
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    geekdreamsgeekdreams Posts: 280member
    1. No.

    2. Probably not.

    iWeb is mainly integrated with .Mac, although you can publish the pages to a directory on your hard drive and FTP the files to another web server if you want. Blogspot doesn't support this, though.

    As for exporting... I don't know what export options Blogger offers, but I don't think there would be an easy migration from Blogger to .Mac unless they simply gave you static HTML files that you could upload directly to your .Mac homepage.

    IMO you're better off using something like Ecto to publish to Blogger or iWeb to publish to .Mac.
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    johnhoodjohnhood Posts: 24member
    I was looking at the feasibility of using iWeb with Blogger too! However, TextWrangler will have to suffice for now!
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