start up problem with grey screen and finder+?

in macOS edited January 2014
everytime i start up my os X tiger 10.46 it always had the same behavior..

like.. a blank gray screen, with small earth logo at the center...its so long........

until it changed into a blank folder with ? and finder logo..

so i reset the pram and remove all the login items from account preferences.

well it worked .not beacause i remove the login items, but by the pram worked, my startup is fast again, and no more earth logo again...

*(problem) but the finder with ? marked still there...its fast (blink of an eye) weird cuz ussualy it never happend before...i already have this problem (gray screen) about 3x but ussually it solved with juz reseting the pram..

but now why the finder logo with (?)marked is still there everytime i start up my mac? PRam doesnt fixed it anymore...


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