Screensaver Password... Please Help!

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The company I work for is trying to sell a Graphics system that we haven't used

in about 3 years on Ebay. One problem..., the mac that is supposed to go with

it has a password on the screen saver that no one knows the password for. It

is an 8100/80, and I don't know what version of the operating system it is running

because it boots directly to this screen saver. We have none of the original

software as the system was purchased used, so re-installing from cd is not an


Is there any way at all to bypass the screensaver so that I can get into this


I have tried holding down the "shift" key while it boots up, but to no avail...

Thanks for any help you might be able to give me.


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    Uh..what about booting with the spacebar held down? Wouldn't that bring up the Extenstion Manager in OS8.x? I think EM loads pretty early so maybe you could shut off whatever the screensaver is.

    Ultimately I think you're going to have to boot off of something else. If you have any CD with a MacOS on it, such as a old Norton or a TechTool, you could boot from that. Call anyone who has ever owned a Mac and she/he probably has one.

    If not, see if you can get a MacOS onto some other media, like a Zip or an external drive, that you could connect to the SCSI port. If so you might be able to boot from it by holding down the cmd-opt-shift-delete keys (which I think forces the computer to boot from the next OS device it finds on the SCSI chain).

    Or...uh...if you have any other old Mac around with an empty bay you could try pulling HD out of the 8100 and putting it into one of them (you'd have to change the SCSI ID). Reconfigure the sysyem folder there and then put it back into the 8100.

    Sorry, those are the only things I can think of.
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