Simple Video Card Question

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I have a PMG5 Dual Processor 2.0 GHz first revision. It has PCI-X instead of PCI-Express.

First My Scenario: I do a ton of graphic and web creation for clients. I also run batch processing and monitoring of web servers via command prompt. I currently use 2 20" cinema display's. But with everything that I have running even both of those can get crammed up.

Second My Need: I have an old B&W G3 with a PCI Rage 128 16Mb video card. I would like to put it in on of the PCI-X slots so I can do my monitoring, batch processing, email and Jabber on an old 15" VGA LCD.

Is this a possibility or will I need to find a PCI-X Video Card to accomplish this?

Thanks for any and all help anyone could give me on this.


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    dgnr8dgnr8 Posts: 196member
    I called apple And said that yes it would work as long as I put it into slot 3 or 4

    I did it and it works like a champ.

    If the moderator would delete this post I no longer need it.

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