A link to the MBP "moo" sound

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I've read much about this issue, but wondered, "Come on. Sounds like a cow mooing? No way...Is this issue for real?"

until I finally stumbled upon this:


Funniest thing I've heard all day.

I went to the Portland Apple store yesterday to see if any of their many MBPs on display "Moo" - none did. However, I did notice that about 50% of them seemed really, really hot..definitely too hot for laptop use. The other approx. 50% just seemed somewhat warmer than the PBs I've used.

btw: That buzzy whine sure is annoying. However, it seemed opening any app. negated the whine.


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    robin hoodrobin hood Posts: 513member
    My MBP seems to run significantly cooler than my 1.67GHz PowerBook G4. As far as the moo sound, while I haven't heard this myself, I suspect it's hard drive or fan related, and might be triggered if you move the MacBook Pro while it is turned on.
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    OMG! Applez secretly working with Gateway!!!111???
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    danosaurdanosaur Posts: 258member
    To get rid of the Moo, you just need to delete all references to DogCow.
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    barimzibarimzi Posts: 10member
    no way.. i thought people were being creative

    thatd spook me if i had heard it in person
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