AppleInsider, you're slow! (iPod phone confirmed!)

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I caught the backend of this story on the television. It's possible I've jumped the gun with this topic and I'm just overlooking AI's new story in my excitement, but I don't care! CNBC just had a story on it.

Expect official announcements (and maybe a glimpse?) next Thurs... and buy Apple stock

EDIT: Also, I managed to hear that they are collaborating with a Japanese cellphone maker to make this... the name was something "Soft-," I believe.


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    This thread is now superannuated. How sad.
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    theres the link

    i thought this bit was interesting

    "Apple, which will be selling cell phone handsets under its own brand for the first time, is expected to outsource production," the report said. "The company is believed to have chosen Softbank as its partner because Softbank plans to offer high-speed Internet access for cell phones, with a focus on improving convenience for consumers."

    The first generation of handsets will require a computer to purchase and sync songs, while future devices -- expected as early as next year -- will be able download songs directly from the iTunes Music Store (for an uspecified fee). According to the report, downloading songs directly to cell phones is more common in Japan.
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    This thread has been going on for some time and sits only 3 above this one. Why did you start a new thread?




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