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    lupalupa Posts: 202member
    Posting guidelines...?

    It doesn't seem that great. If I understand correctly, it allows you to access content from your living room on your computer, which is the reverse of what most users are asking for.
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    addaboxaddabox Posts: 12,660member
    This thing is so typically Sony-- a technological showcase for a propriety solution to a not very pressing problem.

    As far as I can make out, Sony works like this:

    The engineers burst into the executive offices and shout "Behold! We have solved the problem nobody has! Only the technological might of Sony could have done it! The world will be humbled before us!"

    And the executives rub their hands together with glee and cry "Yes! Yes! We will bring it to market! Only Sony can do it! We make the future!"

    Hence, a really expensive, smallish flat panel display made somewhat heavier by the wireless functionality, so that you can carry the thing around in your house till you find some place to plug it in that is not where your computer is and not where you TV is so you can watch streaming content from your computer, which you cannot control from wherever you found to plug it in.

    But, hey, now you can stand in the hallway and watch a video, once you run to your computer and set everything up and start it streaming.

    Now watch Apple release a standards based Airport Express Video edition so that any display device you already have can do the same thing, and watch Sony try to figure out why they seem to be losing market share across the board.
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