Rendezvous zeroconf

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what's the status of it? is there going to be anyone else but apple using it? will it feature ipv6 or will it still be version4? is it available for use now? any info whatsoever besides the docs on


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    Well I certainly hope others use it!

    I doubt MS will ever jump on board, but perhaps, since this is going to be implemented at the Darwin level, it will be ported to The BSDs and Linux. So I think the first places that we'll see it is on the Open Source OS'.

    Beyond that anything is possible. It is an open standard after all.

    Mind you though, it is really made for desktop OS'. Not really for server machines and networks which care about the amount of traffic on them. The biggest complaint about AppleTalk was always that used a HUGE amount of network bandwidth to maintain its list of computers on the network. Rendezvous promises to be less intrusive than AppleTalk, and hopefully better than MS' own version of the same thing.

    But yes I think we will see it elsewhere, if not as the default system, then as an add on to support Macs.
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    bluejekyllbluejekyll Posts: 103member
    On IPv6, it really doesn't matter if it supports it or not. Who really cares? Is it really like we are going to change over to that soon?

    It's just a buzz word, but not one has really given a viable reason to switch. Hell, Cisco just added support for it in their bigger routers.

    And do you really think anyone wants to make the change when they have no reason to? It's just going to cost everyone money... <img src="graemlins/oyvey.gif" border="0" alt="[No]" />
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