Slideshows showing photos randomly

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When I run a slideshow of photos from the Finder (Tiger) they don't run in the normal order - they play a few, then skip some, and maybe play a few in order from there, and so on. they come up the same, all over the place when I bring up the index sheet.

I usually use iPhoto, but it gets a bit frustrating when I want to go through them in order from the Finder. It doesn't matter what the naming's like; even if they're all consecutively named from a digital camera, it happens. I can't see there's any reason, like some being rotated, etc.

Has anyone else noticed this? Are there any settings I can change, or is the only solution for Apple to FTFF?



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    archstudentarchstudent Posts: 262member
    I recall this happening once a while back, but everything works fine now.. I'm running 10.4.6.. What version are you running?
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    I've got 10.4.6, but it also happened back around 4.3/4.4 time. I hadn't run slideshows in Finder since, until last weekend though, but I'd guess it wouldn't have changed.

    I tried it again, and it happens differently each time, sometimes they're in order, other times completely random, but it only seems to happen when the pictures are on a camera or memory card that's plugged in, not on a local folder.

    With one set of pictures, they were all over the place, with just the odd sequence of 2 or 3 in order. Then the next time I plugged it in, they came up fine, except that the first six were all mixed up!! The pictures came up in the same order every time I run a slide show, until I eject. Then after it's plugged in again, they come up in another order.
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    archstudentarchstudent Posts: 262member
    I think I have just realised why this is happening.. The slideshow feature uses some kind of metadata indexing functionality of spotlight.. However, Tiger indexes metadata on the fly every time any file on the computer is modified, so as to keep it up to date.. Therefore, files modified outside of Tiger, for example a file on a removable disk which has been modified on another computer that is not running Tiger, will not return up to date results in Spotlight, and neither will the slideshow feature work properly. This is my theory.. I would suggest following this suggestion from macosxhints:

    "Spotlight: How to re-index files and folders

    Want to re-index a file or folder?or even an entire volume?for Spotlight (part of Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger)? Just do this:

    From the Apple menu, choose System Preferences.

    Click Spotlight.

    Click the Privacy tab.

    Drag a file, a folder, or even an entire volume (your hard drive) to the list.

    Remove the item or volume you just added.

    Spotlight will re-index the contents of the item you initially dragged to the list"
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