RtCW 1.33 patch

in Mac Software edited January 2014
From IMG,

Tuncer: Cool. What can you tell us about the Return to Castle Wolfenstein 1.33 update?

Glenda: That is really out of our hands. We were contracted by Aspyr to port the game and then do one major PC update after (1.32). Our contract ended at that point. Aspyr has to decide what to do from here- if they find another programmer to do 1.33, talk to id about doing it (I have no idea if id is even interested), or come back to us and try to sign us to do more maintenance.

WTF - lets get moving on this people! This is really starting to piss me off.


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    majormattmajormatt Posts: 1,077member
    It's really getting pathetic. We payed $50 for a crappy single player and no MP parity with the PC world. How marvelous.

    And now Westlake wont do an update without another contract, how nice of 'em when you consider they did Unreal Tournament X update for free!
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