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For those who have just gotten a new MBP 15 over the last few days you might want to check and see if you got the correct pricing. Apple has dropped the price on the 2.16 to the same price as the 2.0 was last week and has removed the 1.86 from the table.

A call to Apple today was a normal frustration with the fact that they are having issues with the calulators they are using to calculate the differnce in price from last weeks machines to this week.

I bought a 2.0 15" with 100gb and 1gb of RAM for $2499. This weeks price is now $2199 for the same config. Apple in its true form offered a $100 refund and not the $300 true difference in price.

Beware that these guys are up to their same old tricks. I decided to have an RMA issued for this machine and the rep was kind enough to waive the re-stocking fee of 10% and he paid for the shipping of the machine back to Apple.

My plan is to just buy the 2.16 for this week for the price of the 2.0 last week.

Nice to know that a Leopard does not change his spots.


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    eckingecking Posts: 1,588member
    it sucks that you didn't get your 300 back you have to remember all is not equal. Since you got 2.0 instead of 1.83 you also got 256mb vram and a gig of ram something the current 2.0 does not.

    It wasn't a drop they simply moved the processor and only the processor down the line.

    So since they gave you 100 back you basically got an extra 512mb of ram and double the video memory for 200 bucks, not really a horrible deal.
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    Well to be clear you would be correct on todays listing of the 2.0 but the machine I have has 256 VRAM, 100gb HD and 1gb of RAM. So if this to compare Apple's to Apple's (no pun intended) then they still would owe me $300 and not $100.

    It was a nice try to get be to see it their way.
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    Why would they owe you money. Its just bad luck, not their fault you didnt wait till this week.
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