Selecting a MacMini Monitor for running a continuous Keynote presentation

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Using my MacMini (1.42/512/80/SD/APX/BT) I would like to play a continuous Keynote presentation on a large (at least ~24") flat panel display.

Can someone assist me with the folowing questions:

SIZE: are there limitations on the size of monitor I can use for this purpose?

OTHER SPECS: Other than size, are there other specifications of a monitor I need to look for?

TYPE: For this purpose, do I need a computer monitor or a TV with a computer input?

LOCATION: Since this setup is going to be in a public place, the MacMini will be placed in a locked cabinet (or elsewhere); how far apart can the monitor and MacMini be?


I've done my best to read thru the discussion forums, but have gotten a bit lost in the minutia of other's specific issues.


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    mynameheremynamehere Posts: 560member
    At the Milan airport there are a bunch of locked glass closets with NEC LCD monitors. An LCD monitor should be fine. The monitor can be pretty far away if necessary (ie: across the room, etc). The most practical setup (IMO) is to put it in the same cabinet and control it across a network via VNC.
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    argeliusargelius Posts: 309member
    Thanks for your thoughts!
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    mynameheremynamehere Posts: 560member

    Originally posted by Argelius

    Thanks for your thoughts!

    You're very welcome.

    Let us know how it goes.
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