RAM Price: screw-up or screw-job?

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Look at the BTO price for 2 GB Ram in the Intel Minis; $300, the same 2 gig upgrade in the Macbook is $500, same exact ram moduals; 2x 1gig sodimm DDR2 667!

What is up with that? and furthermore, why would anyone not do a DIY RAM upgrade on the MACBOOK in the firstplace, seeing as how it is so easy.


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    monalisamonalisa Posts: 15member
    I've been noticing that as well. You can get 1GB PC2-5300 SODIMMS from Newegg for under $100 each. The $300 for a pair for the Mini is reasonable, but $500 for the MB/MBP is crazy.
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    jeffdmjeffdm Posts: 12,949member
    The same is true for the base model of the MacBook Pro. At least with the mini, it is good that the upgrade price is lower for that model because it is not that easy to get into.
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