Pismo problems

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I just got my hands on a Pismo but it won't start up. With the battery or with it out and on AC power nothing. The AC adapter is good works with other systems. I took the keyboard off but this laptop doesn't seem to have the reset like the g4s. What can I do in order to diagnose this problem? Step by step would be great.


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    ebbyebby Posts: 3,110member
    The PMU reset is in the back under the flap and by the modem. Hold that down a few seconds.

    But, I had one problem installing ram that caused it to behave in much the same way as a brick would. If you add RAM in the lower RAM slot, you have to remove the processor and if it doesn't *click* into place, your computer won't even start to boot up.

    AC Power: I assume you checked the wall socket is on and the power adapter works. Can't use a multimeter to test it because of the design of the plug. Oh well. Does it hum softly or get warm?
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    tekmatetekmate Posts: 134member
    Sorry I have been so busy no time to check back. Once I reset it using your method I am up and running thank you.
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