iChat recieving messages Error

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
Just transfered my files, account etc onto a new MacBook Pro from an old G4 Mac Mini.

Come across a problem with iChat. The bonjour side of it.

If someone else in the office tries to message me they get the error "This computer is not reachable"

But if i start the conversation, everything works fine. I have tried deleting ichat preferences in Library/preferences but i still encounter the same problem.

Something else to note is that i tried using adium, and i get the same problem, so maybe its not directly ichat related?


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    Is your new machine named the same as the old one?
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    fooeyfooey Posts: 52member
    I think so, but does it matter?

    My old machine has been formatted and is not in my posession now
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    It sounds like the other machine has cached your machine name which is no longer on the network. On which machine did you delete the preferences? Your's or the other one?
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    fooeyfooey Posts: 52member
    deleted the preferences on the new machine.
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