Potential Apple ads - what do you think?

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Hey folks,

i want to hear and see some opinions and ideas

for potential next wave Apple ads. Wrap your idea

into a brief paragraph. Just the essence, you know.

Tell me, what potential ads/ideas would work best

(in your opinion) for some particular country (and market).

I give you a starter.


The Mac OS X as its best

POV (Point of view), a guy in front of a Mac.

You see at fullscreen an average Mac OS X desktop (Finder,

Dock, iTunes window open).

The docked iChat icon starts jumping. The iTunes window

minimizes with genius effect into the dock. The curser clicks

onto the docked iChat icon. Video iChat window opens.

A guy within the iChat window (obviously a Mac newbie) says

some nice things about Mac OS X. Than he wants to know,

(i don't no the exact dialog line yet), how to ged rid of a

particular program.

The curser opens a new Finder window, clicks onto "Application" (Sidebar),

drags the said App into the trash, empties trash.

The guy in the iChat window is puzzled, gives a nice "Wow!"

Maybe this is the first ad in a serie of ads, which show some basic

and unique features of Mac OS X.



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    irelandireland Posts: 17,796member
    With Leopard you might see it, but my instincts tell me Apple wont advertise OS X. You never know though \
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    mac_dollmac_doll Posts: 527member
    They've done it before with Jaguar. I think Leopard is a version worth talking about. That, and they need to hook those people that are leaning on the fence and need more reason to switch other than the Get a Mac series ads. I think Apple can deliver the goods.
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