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My Apple Ibook G3 12" logic board is faulty and it would have been covered under Apple's repair prgram but it has now finished.

I have bought a working logic board fo the ibook.

I need some advice

SHould I get someone to fit it or do it myself.

I am technically minded but after reading the ifixit guide there are many thiongs which have to come out before the logic board goes in.

WHat are the main risks or things to look out for when fitting one? Has anyone ever done it, advice would be appreciated greatly.

Does anyone know if the Apple shop would fit it for me?



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    I don't think it can be that hard and since it's not under warranty, I say go for it.
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    If you have a failing Logic Board - do you have to be the original owner of the iBook to qualify for repair?


    for the above problem - you can follow the instructions over at www.iFixit.com The main risks are that you may blow the logic board in fitting - so it's good to be grounded. The connector of the iBook to the hard drive is critical and delicate. You need a few special tools (see the web site). And especally, unless you have a soft plastic tool to open the thing up you will damage the case slghtly ... Not for faint hearted!
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    You can do it yourself, but you have to careful about losing screws and getting things back together in order. My suggestion for this is to have quite a sizeable work space, and a way to keep parts and screws in order of how you took them out. This is how i do it. Big table. Row of shot glasses (12). Each time you take a part off, but it near the furthest available shotglass, and put the screws in the shotglass. Keep going until you've gone far enough to remove the part you're replacing. Replace the part. Then work your way back out to the last shotglass putting the parts back in reverse order of how they came out. Yes, be grounded too.
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