Cleaning Glossy Screens

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Does anyone have any recommendations on cleaning the new shiny MacBook screens? I have always used iKlear (KlearScreen) for LCDs with the matte finish. The problem with just about every LCD cleaning option out there is that, while they do a great job on matte surfaces, they tend to leave a smeary film on shiny surfaces. I don't want to use regular glass cleaners for the same reason you don't use them on the matte finish LCDs. I have a shiny display on one of my Compaq notebooks... but just always lived with the film left by iKlear... You really don't notice it much when the display is actually on anyway. I'm just a bit more anal about my MacBook.


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    notaclonenotaclone Posts: 82member

    just a bit more anal about my Mac

    <Sigh> As are we all. But Windex is fine for Windoze!
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