iBook stuck in grey screen, with complications

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Hi all-

I already did a search and found similar problems, but mine's a little different.

I have an iBook G3 running Tiger v 10.4

I'm stuck in the gray startup screen. I've tried zapping the pram and booting from the startup disk to no avail.

I used apple-s top get to the single user mode. The last lines read:

Load of /sbin/launchd, errno 88, trying /sbin/mach_init

Load of /sbin/launchd failed, errno 88

The cursor at the bottom IS NOT blinking and wont let me import or type anything.

Any ideas?


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    grimsongrimson Posts: 108member
    I was able to hook my iBook up with a friend's via firewire and access my hard drive. I had access to everything and everything seemed to work. It seems like ym friend's iBook can find & access my hard drive, but my iBook cant.

    Is there anything I can do while the two are hooked up to help solve the problem? Any kind of disk utility or something?
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    MarvinMarvin Posts: 14,214moderator

    Originally posted by grimson

    Any kind of disk utility or something?

    Did you try Disk Utility while in target mode? (/Applications/Utilities)

    I would try reinstalling the system if that doesn't work. Sounds like the system is screwed. You can install in place so you should be able to keep all your stuff. I'd back up first though.
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