Using Airport Extreme as Bridge?

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Okay, I've been working on this for a while with no luck.

Is there a way to use an airport extreme base station to act as a bridge? My laptop connects to a dial-up service, and I want to broadcast that connection wirelessly to my PC in the other room which doesn't have a WiFi card. So i thought I could plug in the Airport station to the PC and have it act as a wirless card/bridge. However, whenever I set it as a remote base station and put in the IP addresses and DNS stuff, the PC sees it's there, but never seems to reach the mac.

Is there a way to do this w/o buying another network card?

The easy solution would be if I has a dial-up capable router, but i don't.


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    noah93noah93 Posts: 168member
    One quick question, have you enabled internet sharing over WiFi on the Mac? If not, open System Prefs >> Sharing >> Internet, and choose to share your connection fron 'Internal Modem' over Airport.

    Another solution if you really don't want to buy a WiFi-card, and can't get this to work is to simply run an ethernet wire to the other computer from your Mac.

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    Isn't Airport Extreme base station a dial up capable router it self? Connect your pc with cable to lan line plug your modem cable from your airport extreme to your phone line, and connect your laptop over wlan, that way your other computer doesn't have to be on for the other computer to get online. But also the setup you were suggesting should be working as well, airport base station should be run in relay mode, and your laptop should be creating the network.
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