Strange colour shifting while scrolling on MacBook

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
Hi folks:

Was wondering if anyone else has noticed this.

I'm in Safari right now, and I notice scrolling pages like slashdot, digg, etc. you experience colour shifting very noticably.. blue becomes sky blue, green becomes lime green, red becomes orange, etc. It stops when you finish scrolling.

I also noticed that if you drag a window around the screen rapidly, you get pretty strong ghosting.

So my questions in hopes of a response are:

1) What causes this colour shifting? I've never seen this on other LCDs on Win.

2) Given the pronounced ghosting effect, does this mean the MB is incapable of displaying video at 30 fps?



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    glossgloss Posts: 506member
    I haven't experienced the color shifting, but I have watched a few DVDs on the screen and they look great. Video doesn't seem to be an issue.

    p.s. use Firefox.
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    technarchtechnarch Posts: 36member
    Firefox didn't work.

    I found a thread of people complaining about ghosting/disappearing text on scrolling.. Same thing to me, but I notice the colour shift while it's happening.

    I'm astonished that this is happening. I have no idea if it's software or hardware. I've never seen this before on anything.
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