MacBook vs. PowerBook

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My current computer is a 12" Powerbook with a 1.33 Ghz G4 and 768 MB RAM.

I'm considering buying a new MacBook, probably with 1 GB RAM.

I've heard mixed reports of how much of a difference there is in performance. It kind of sounds like the MacBook is much better for anything that isn't 3D, but one review said they were comparable.

For anyone who's used both, how much of a difference is there?

Sorry in advance if this has been asked previously.


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    k squaredk squared Posts: 608member
    The screen is on the order of 10 times better: brightness wise, the brightest setting on my 12" PB is the lowest setting on my MB.

    Even if the fan is on, I can't hear it. On the PB the fan comes on during web surfing and is....annoying.

    Performance wise: OS X is "snappy" and I can finally run AutoCad faster than my Windows PC at work. If an application is running under Rosetta, then speed is comparable; anything Intel native will blow the PB away.
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    ikaika Posts: 52member
    Ah. Bad news for my wallet then. I think I have the self-control to wait another couple months, at least.

    My PB's fan is running right now.

    Have you tried any games? I've seen benchmarks, but not heard many actual impressions.
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