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Hi all,

I'm having problems printing. I have a net work printer that was working ok with one Mac. Then I had to change my router's IP address. Now can't seem to print any more. My other Mactel iMac never was able to print. I could get the printer to blink it's light a few times then nothing past that. But running Parallels work station on the same iMac I can print through the Windows virtual machine no problem at all!! So I know there isn't a network issue, just communications.

Any suggestions on how I can trouble shoot this problem?



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    scott_rscott_r Posts: 98member
    Well, after posting this, I tried again to set up a printer and instead of choosing IPP (Internet Printing Protocol) printing, I chose HP Jet Direct socket (my printer is an old HP 4/MP using a Hawking Technology print server.) Set the IP address and both Macs now printing. This is a new option that I had never seen before. The Mac that was printing before was using the IPP printing previously.

    Hope this helps anyone that may have similar problems.

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