My Mac won't read files from a CD.

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My aunt gave me a Mac because she got a new laptop. It is an iBook (Blueberry) from I think 2001. It's not great, but I just want to put Photoshop on there. At first when I would insert any CD, it said it could not be read. I somehow fixed that problem. My new problem is that all the files will display, but none of the icons differ. for example, .iso, .exe, .ini, etc all have a little piece of paper as their icon. When I click on my setup.exe file, it says something like "file could not be opened because file which created it could not be found". Does anyone know how I can fix this so I can install Photoshop? Thanks!


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    rminklerrminkler Posts: 50member
    A file that ends in ".exe" is a windows program. I have no idea if your copy of photoshop includes a Mac version, but "setup.exe" is certainly not it. By the way, what operating system is your iBook running?
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    Oh whoops, I'm new to Macs. So is a Mac installer .iso? I have some discs that are both Windows/Mac compatible, but a file won't work no matter what it is. I'm running OS 9.1. It sucks, but I just want it for Photoshop.
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    noah93noah93 Posts: 168member
    Most Mac applications are .app, and you just drag them to your applications folder (not sure if its the same on OS 9). Otherwise, an installer is .pkg. Also, I don't think recent versions of Photoshop are OS 9 compatible, you might need to look for an older version, and a code for that.

    Anyways, welcome to the Mac community, hope you enjoy it!

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    Thanks mate, I've been missing out. I have a disk for Photoshop 7 which should hopefully be just fine. Thanks alot for the help fellas, I'll go see if I can get things rolling.
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    It's probably a Windows version.
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