Call for iPhone

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The following article on CNN is a call for iPhone (macPhone?) if I ever saw one. It illustrates not only how badly designed the interface is on most current phones, but also notes how Apple was able to achieve similar market dominance with the iPod. Food for thought.


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    irelandireland Posts: 17,670member
    If apple does for cellphones, with this infamous iPhone, what they did for mp3 players with the iPod. I'll buy one straight away no questions asked. If it works, looks good, and is easy to use millions more will buy one too. If is costs ?300 or less at the start, i'll buy!

    Good article. Now's your chance apple
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    what??? Ireland not directing people to the last thread that dsscussed the iphone? dear me.....

    ok, i know many would cry foul, but what if Apple DID release an iphone but it was a PHONE FIRST like the ipod is a music player FIRST....??

    would you still be in a hurry to buy what would amount to a BASIC phone? all be it an easily navigated phone.

    not sure i would.

    i use mine for texting, camera, internet, email and calls.

    not music.

    so assuming they leave off the camera and internet/email... i just couldnt see the point in buying.
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    irelandireland Posts: 17,670member
    'Trendannoyer' well done I'm glad you told us that.

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