Questions about Startup disks

in macOS edited January 2014
What would happen if I have my iBook set to boot from an external drive and that drive is not available? My guess is a message will display alerting me that the startup disk is not found and I will be given three options: 1) connect the external drive and 'continue', 2) boot the internal drive, after I supply an administrator name and password or 3) 'cancel' which will shut the computer down.

The reason I ask is I intend to install Gentoo and Panther on an external drive with Tiger on my internal. According to the Gentoo web site I will have a way to choose at startup which OS I want to use so if I can boot into Panther it won't be a problem switching startup disks; however, if I am unable to, I want to know beforehand what steps are taken to get my internal drive to be the startup disk again.
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